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Research Festival returns to the University of Plymouth

4 December 2018

Returning for the second year, the annual festival showcases the outstanding research carried out by staff at the University in collaboration with colleagues and partners locally, nationally and internationally.

Creating an impact from local to global.

Celebrate a rich research landscape with world-leading academics and experts, gaining an insight into the cutting edge research that impacts our world – from the social to the economic, cultural to environmental, medical and beyond.

Can we change the world one person at a time?
What does a suitcase full of eels have to do with sustainability?
How do we create and maintain healthy landscapes?

These are just some of the questions our academics will delve into, responding to real-world challenges with applied research.

We invite academics, partners, businesses, students, and the public to sample a diverse programme that spans a breadth of fascinating research projects.

The festival events are free to attend, though we recommend reserving your place as some events have limited numbers available.

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