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Virtual Reality Networking with Cornish Partnerships

19 March 2019

ATI sponsored a Cornish Partnerships Virtual Reality (VR) networking event, hosted by Player Ready VR, based at Pool Industrial Estate, and it was like no other networking event that we have been to before. VR Networking was a novel experience for all involved and the interactive element acted as a fantastic ice-breaking activity.

Jen Keywood, Events & PR Officer at ATI, attended on the day to experience VR first hand. Having never been exposed to the green screens and goggles before, she wanted to see what all the fuss was about:

“I’d heard about VR simulators and I was really excited to learn about how this new technology can be incorporated into businesses to create more immersive customer experiences. The added bonus at this event, which I wasn’t expecting, was that it created a fun atmosphere conducive for quality conversation and fabulous networking.”

Whilst the setting was unconventional for businesses, it allowed networkers to game with each other and build valuable business partnerships.

There are many instances where VR is being applied innovatively, but it is still an emerging technology. For example, the University of Plymouth published research in 2017 whereby a virtual visit to a beach is better for reducing pain in dental patients than a virtual visit to an urban landscape or no virtual interaction at all.

Over time, VR is becoming cheaper and more widespread and we can expect to see many more innovative uses for this technology in the future. Whilst the potential entertainment value is clear, as demonstrated in the arcade setting provided at this networking event, there are vast areas still to be explored.

Immersive films and video games are huge sectors pushing the potential possibilities of VR, after all they are multi-billion pound industries and consumers are always keen on novelty. However, virtual reality has many other worthwhile applications as well, such as: Architecture, Sport, Medicine, Retail, Manufacturing and The Arts.

Virtual reality could lead us to new and exciting discoveries in more unexpected areas of our lives, which may well have a profound impact on how we live, learn, shop and work. For example, activities that are dangerous, expensive or impractical to do in reality, could be practiced in virtual reality. From trainee fighter pilots to medical applications such as the trainee surgeons in the video below:

VR Medical Simulation and Training video by Arch Virtual: Custom Virtual Reality Development.

VR is allowing us mere mortals to take virtual risks and gain real world experience. Whilst networking isn’t life-threatening, some do find it daunting and getting a virtual jelly fish in the face or falling from a high-rise building can take the edge off it. We only need to imagine what else it can do for businesses. If you have any ideas about how you would like to use VR in your business, then get in touch with ATI and tell us about your innovation today by registering your interest via the link at the top of our website.

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