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Gendall Design Launch Sister Company Called Chatter

5 November 2019

November saw Gendall Design announce the launch of their new sister company, Chatter, on social media. Greg Welch, Managing Director of Gendall Design and Co-Founder at Chatter, explains why they decided to set up their vCommerce (virtual commerce) venture:

“With over 30 years of running agencies that create human centric experiences, we set up Chatter to focus on innovating at the point where intelligent voice technology and human behaviour meet. Voice is native to us, it provides a more natural way of searching and communicating what we want.”

Chatter is a cutting-edge innovation studio creating voice experiences and custom applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Using the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Voice Activation (VA) technologies, Chatter is developing innovative software that looks to reinvent the ways in which people find, personalise and book their holidays.

“We create conversational experiences for brands and their customers, enabling personality at scale in an increasingly automated world. For brands this means being authentically involved in the world of their customers to provide support, choice and vCommerce capabilities. Whilst for us as consumers, we look for engagements that create an emotional connection and add value to our lives”, says Greg.

The company officially goes live on the 11th November (as will their website) and coincides with a celebratory launch event in the Cotswolds, where they will reveal their principal product to over 20 UK holiday cottage agencies.

Acceleration Through Innovation (ATI) have been working with Gendall Design, and now Chatter, to support their ongoing innovation journey. In the initial stages, the business received one-to-one innovation advice and specialist guidance on areas such as Intellectual Property and patents.

Their project was also awarded an ATI Innovation Grant, to help financially with the developments of their product and reduce the risks associated with the pursuit of innovative software such as this.

“We are delighted to have supported this project and it’s very exciting that the endeavour has led to the creation of a new Cornish company! This is a first for the ATI team and we would like to wish Chatter the very best of luck at their upcoming product launch” says Jo Hancock, Senior Project Manager at ATI.

For more information about Chatter, visit their website (after the 11th November) or follow them on social media, via their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. To learn more about the support provided by ATI, watch our case study video or read the full success story, click here.

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