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ATI Launch New Digital Innovation Platform

16 December 2019

ATI are pleased to announce the release of our new digital innovation platform, the ‘Innovation Studio’. Launched at the Cornwall Innovation Club, the first digital innovation platform in Cornwall has been built to mirror the ATI Innovation Process.  The Studio is in the first stage of development with more exciting content coming on board in the future.

What is the Innovation Studio?

The Innovation Studio is an online digital platform that businesses can use to measure their existing innovation capabilities, as well as access innovation tools and frameworks that will build upon and increase innovation capabilities within the business.

What sort of tools and frameworks are there?

The Innovation Studio provides infographics and downloadable exercises, which you can complete on your own or with your wider team. These are designed to be both practical and thought provoking, helping your business to view innovation from a variety of perspectives. These tools and frameworks have been carefully selected by ATI’s Business Innovation Advisors, and are accredited by the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE). They can all be accessed via the innovation wheel, as pictured below:

How do I access the Innovation Studio?

If you would like to be one of the first businesses to test and trial the Innovation Studio, please click here and complete our registration form. Following which, a member of the ATI team will email you details and instructions to create your personal login.

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