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Ocean 3D Selected For UK Government Smart Cities Trade Mission in Brazil

5 March 2020

Ocean 3D, the creators of 3D interactive tours to make public spaces more accessible; have been selected for the UK Government Smart Cities Trade Mission to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

More than 85% of Brazil’s population live in urban areas and Sao Paulo is the largest megalopolis in South America, with over 16 million people. To put that figure in perspective for you, London is comprised of a ‘mere’ 8.9 million people.

“To improve the quality of life in fast-growing urban centres in developing countries such as Brazil, the British Government is implementing the Future Cities Programme that aims to provide support and alleviate high levels of urban poverty by encouraging sustainable development and economic growth”, announced the UK Gov. Department of International Trade (DIT).

“After a very competitive process, the DIT team selected Ocean 3D Ltd to join the 2020 Smart Cities Mission to Brazil. (Ocean 3Ds’) solutions and applications have strong potential for scaling up in the market an we will be happy to support you…” wrote a DIT representative.

The Smart Cities trade mission is focused on building partnerships that look to increase British companies’ knowledge about the Brazilian market, as well as improving the UK’s position to develop collaborative business arrangements with potential Brazilian partners and buyers. The aim is to enable UK companies to pursue local business opportunities within selected cities taking part in the Future Cities Programme, and further afield.

Companies invited to attend were ranked and selected by a board of specialists and the Future Cities Programme team in Brazil, who considered the following criteria:

  • Readiness for technology implementation in Brazil
  • Innovation level and applicability of solution in the local market
  • Solution alignment with the priority areas of the Future Cities Programme
  • Commercial development plan for Brazil
  • Social and economic impact of the proposed technology


Chris Wood, Ocean 3D Director, spoke of his latest achievement “It is an incredible honour to be picked from such a huge and fiercely competitive group of UK based companies in the future tech business, especially hailing from the far South West of Cornwall.

“To have the opportunity to represent some of the Best of British engineering, technology, business and ideas in the largest city in South America with one of the most diverse groups of needs is awe inspiring. We were only notified on Friday that we had been selected and the event is at the end of March so, to attend, we are going to have to do some serious diary juggling as well as look to our academic and business mentor partners to help with logistics and flights etc.”

If you would like to find out more about Ocean 3D and their 3D interactive tours, visit their website:

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