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A wealth of information contained on your doorstep

18 September 2020

University’s contain a diverse amount of information and they are open to you.  As part of the Acceleration Through Innovation project, we are working closely with the academic landscape to increase collaboration and partnership, becoming a more connected Cornwall.  This can include gaining access to the research contained within the institutions, talking to academics about your particular innovation, getting involved in student projects, working collaboratively on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), gaining access to the facilities contained within each institution or working together on grants for Innovate UK and the UK Industrial Strategy.


As part of the Acceleration Through Innovation project, our Innovation Champion can work with you to identify ways to enhance your research and obtain guidance on your product or service.  If the Innovation Champion is unable to assist, we can also work with academics to aid your journey.  Each of the academic institutions offers something different and due to the links we have within each of the institutions we are able to connect with all.


The guides on each of the academic institutions will help you to understand the breadth of research our Innovation Champion has access to, in order to enable your innovation journey.


If you have any questions please let the ATI team know on

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