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‘Breaking Through Disruption’ report released by Accenture

18 September 2020

The latest addition to the ‘Into the New’ insight reports from Accenture, a multinational and Fortune Global 500 company which provides strategy, consulting, digital and technology services, says “industry disruption is a persistent condition – not a short-lived explosion”.

Their ‘Breaking Through Disruption’ report provides businesses with a new index which divides sectors into 4 distinct periods of disruption: durability, vulnerability, volatility & viability.

In addition, the report provides practical innovation advice and business examples to help weather whichever period of disruption your industry sector may find itself in.

The report found that levels of disruption have increased considerably since 2011:

As such, “disruption is an inescapable challenge for all industries” it says. In their analysis of 10,000 companies, they found that whilst the tendency is to act cautiously in times of disruption, companies “rely on what’s worked for them in the past, in lieu of seeking deep change on the inside”. Whereas those businesses that actually succeed in the face of disruption are the companies which make bold moves to innovate and actively shape their future by making what they call an “innovation pivot”.

Read the full report by clicking this link.

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