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Innovation Surgery: Intellectual Property

12 November 2020

Our Innovation Surgeries are designed with our clients in mind as we create bespoke sessions for businesses based on need.  If you are working with us and would like us to offer a session about a specific topic, get in touch with your Business Innovation Advisor.

Intellectual Property

During this innovation surgery Intellectual Property Manager, David Mozley from the University of Plymouth highlighted the pitfalls and advantages of understanding Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Rights when running a business.

Intellectual Property and the associated rights can be a concern for business leaders. Understanding what kind of rights you have to anything you have produced is essential in managing your business as it grows.

With a considerable number of legal frameworks to choose from, David’s depth of knowledge in the field proved useful in outlining the difference between registered and unregistered rights.  He made it quite clear that for many businesses, the choice about which is most appropriate should be weighed against the business sector and possible costs.

He advised three steps to run through when considering whether or not Intellectual Property is important to a business:

  • Step 1: Identify what your IP is and what is core to your business.
  • Step 2: What IP rights can you use?
  • Step 3: Are you infringing anyone else’s IP?

David also explored the idea that Intellectual Property might not be the most important thing to think about for your business. GDPR could be a far greater issue requiring your focus.

Clearly from the range of questions at the end of the session, Intellectual Property issues are specific to each business and sector.  If you would like to know more about Intellectual Property and are a client, then get in touch with your Business Innovation Advisor to access the recording of the session or meet with David to discuss your business needs.

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