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12 November 2020

In the first of our new series introducing the ATI2 team, meet Jenny Naldrett, our Innovation Champion.  The Innovation Champion is a role that is unique to ATI.  Jenny provides a vital link between businesses and academic institutions within the county.  Once engaging with ATI as a client, the designated Business Innovation Advisor for that business may identify a need for support from the Innovation Champion.  This support can take a number of different forms.  In discussion with academics we find the right collaborative pathway, whether this means a student project, collaboration on research, an introduction to a Knowledge Transfer Partner Officer or the introduction to facilities that may be needed as part of a business’s innovation journey.

Jenny’s work has taken many forms over the last three years, from helping to find a new sustainable filling for a beanbag, which was suggested by the University of Plymouth’s School of Engineering to collaborating on projects with Smartline, Agritech and Marine-I.

Utilising university research can place businesses at the cutting edge of their sector. Through the Innovation Champion, business leaders can gain access to a wealth of research, which can lead to valuable collaborations between the university and a business.

Conducting market research to ensure the sustainability of a business has also become a major part of Jenny’s work.  From conducting patent searches, competitor awareness, material research: this kind of work can move a business along in a way that enables them to respond to the market in a timely fashion.

Innovation Champion Series

Jenny has written a series of reports that will be available in the new year to Acceleration Through Innovation clients via our new digital platform, the Innovation Studio.  These reports cover vital areas for business leaders, from carrying out lifecycle assessments, stakeholder mapping to sustainable packaging and using students as a valuable resource.

“Over the course of my time with ATI I have been involved in a number of research projects for clients.  These topics are important in today’s innovation journey and continue to come up time and time again.  The reports can aid any business thinking about innovation and should spark ideas for your business.  My advice to all business leaders is : there is so much information out there, take advantage of it.” Jenny Naldrett, Innovation Champion

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