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Duchy Defibrillators partner with Drone Company to study how future technology can save lives

24 August 2021

Our clients at Duchy Defibrillators ended last week (August 13) on a high after announcing on LinkedIn that they have partnered with DronePrep to begin feasibility studies into how future technology, such as drones, could be used to save lives.

Duchy Defibrillators, a St Austell based business that provides and manufactures public access defibrillator cabinets and defibrillators, released the following statement on social media:

“We are very pleased & excited to be working with DronePrep who will be carrying out a feasibility study into the use of emergency use rescue drones for us. This is a project we have been working on for a while now, and is a major step forward for us.

“We are #grateful to Spaceport Cornwall/Cornwall Aerospace for providing us with a grant towards the costs of the work being carried out. And a big thank you to Acceleration Through Innovation 2 (ATI2) Cornwall for help, support and assistance so far to date, we would not be in this position without you”.

Mike Robertson, Business Innovation Advisor at Acceleration Through Innovation 2 (ATI2), has been working with Duchy Defibrillators for a couple of years. The business first engaged with the business support programme, which is led by the University of Plymouth and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), back when the project was in its first round of ERDF funding as Acceleration Through Innovation (ATI).

Mr Robertson remarks on the collaboration, saying that the project is “proof that persistence pays off. A great example of business support organisations and private sector collaboration working”.

As part of the support and services offered by the ATI and ATI2 project, Duchy Defibrillators have benefitted from ongoing business innovation advice, coaching and expertise through the University of Plymouth.

Alan Odgers, MD at Duchy Defibrillators took to his professional network on LinkedIn to further share the news, adding “a big thank you to Mike Robertson from Acceleration Through Innovation 2 (ATI2) who has worked alongside us in this project for a time now and has opened the doors we were struggling with.

“Collaboration & teamwork at its best, looking into future technology to help with saving lives” he adds.

We cannot wait to see the results of the feasibility studies and the future innovation that the collaboration could breathe new life into.

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