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ATI2 Advent - Celebrating Clients Past and Present

16 December 2021

It’s that time of year where we are looking back at our portfolio of clients, those we have worked with in the past and present and celebrate their innovation successes. Whether they have launched new products and services to the market, or have innovated their internal processes and explored new markets, it’s great to see where they are now – and what better way to do it than our festive countdown. Here’s a reminder of the businesses we features behind each door of our ATI2 Advent Calendar.


The Big Beanbag Company

Behind door number 1 was The Big Beanbag Company, who hand make an eco-friendly range of bean bags. Their products are filled with a compostable biofoam filling, something which our ATI researchers helped them find. They first engaged with the ATI project back in 2018, at the beginning of their journey, and they have continued to innovate and grow. Today, they now have a large range of sustainable bean bag products for adults, children and pets alike! Check out their website to find out more:

DEC 2nd

Black Flag Brewery

Black Flag Brewery is a micro-brewery creating craft beer in the North Cornwall town of Perranporth. They engaged with ATI2 amidst the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw their usual sales channels dry up. ATI2 supported them to pivot their existing sales model from one which relied heavily on B2B sales to one which could sell more directly to the consumer. They were awarded a grant to help purchase a canning machine so that they could begin to can their beer onsite.  Go visit their taprooms, sample their ‘Growlers’ and enjoy a pizza cooked onsite. Read the full case study: or visit them here:

DEC 3rd

The Cornnish Seaweed Bath Company

On the 3rd day of advent, we featured The Cornish Seaweed Bath Company. They create seaweed enriched skincare from their base in Penzance. In our first round of funding, as ATI, we provided them with market research support at our Cornwall Innovation Club. Visit them here:

DEC 4th

Odyssey Innovation Ltd

Introducing Odyssey Innovation Ltd, a circular economy business recycling marine plastic waste into hand planes, kayaks and litter bins. ATI supported in the early stages of their handplane’s design and was able to provide research, design and prototyping expertise. Check them out here:

DEC 5th

Cherry Top Weddings

Behind door 5 was Cherry Top Weddings, the creators of an interactive wedding entertainment platform. Their platform allows you to design your own personalised activity booklets and allow guests to upload content to a digital wedding wall. ATI2 supported their project with innovation, guidance and funding support. Read the full success story here: and visit their website:

DEC 6th


On the 6th day of our advent calendar, we featured Waterhaul and their litter picker made out of recycled plastic. Originally the litter picker was made out of recycled facemasks from the Royal Cornwall Hospital, but like their other products from the Waterhaul range, they are made from recycled plastics recovered from our oceans. ATI2 supported their project with consultancy and a grant towards the design and tooling of their pioneering litter picker.

DEC 7th


Day 7 saw the ATI2 Advent calendar introduce Gripsure, the manufacturers of non-slip decking. They are innovating within their industry by creating personalised decking boards, named DeckArt. ATI2 helped their innovation project by providing market analysis, process innovation and funding support. Check out the full case study here: and visit their website:

DEC 8th

Fourth Element

Fourth Element design diving equipment for some of the most demanding underwater environments across the globe. They featured on day 8 of our advent calendar after receiving research support and analysis of their manufacturing material through the project. Check them out here:

DEC 9th

The Natural Fibre Company

On day 9 of ATI2 Advent, we highlighted The Natural Fibre Company, an innovative woollen mill based in Launceston. Although they have traditional values, they are constantly changing and updating their methods to produce the best quality products they can – ATI2 has been working with them to support their Aspirations to continually innovate. You can check them out here:

DEC 10th

Skinner’s Brewery

Cheers to day 10 of ATI2 Advent, where we celebrated working with Skinner’s Brewery! In our first round of funding as ATI, we helped them explore new ways to innovate their processes and some of their team attended our innovation workshop. Check out their beers here:

DEC 11th


Behind day 11 of our calendar was FittaMamma, the creators of maternity and postnatal activewear. Their leggings are proven to reduce bump bounce by up to 48% and their fabrics are designed to stretch and change throughout pregnancy. Our project has been working with them to help them conduct market research and gain insights that could lead to future innovation. Visit them here:

DEC 12th


Behind door 12 of ATI2 Advent was Keylu, a secure online life planning platform where you can organise and store important documents, memories and moments. For you. For them. Forever. We worked with them in the earlier stages of the business when they were known as Once I’ve Gone, and provided innovation support as well as funding towards improving the security aspects of their platform. Read the full case study here: and visit their website to find out more about them:

DEC 13th

The Online Book Company

On the 13th day of ATI2 Advent, we introduced our followers to The Online Book Company, which enables their customers to make their own online book for all sorts of occasions. The project supported their innovation with an innovation audit and a grant towards the development of their online platform. Visit their website here:

DEC 14th

Curio Spirits

On the 14th day of ATI2 Advent, we have Curio Spirits, who are based in Porthleven and engaged with the project for research support, to help them explore new emerging markets. Check them out here:

DEC 15th

Homegrown Learning

On the 15th day of ATI2 Advent, we featured Homegrown Learning, which has created a homeschooling app called Collage. We supported their innovation project in a number of ways, by providing connection, guidance and funding. Check them out here:

DEC 16th

Low Pressure

On the 16th day of ATI2 Advent, we featured Low Pressure, who we’ve supported whilst they created their Stormrider surf platform. Search, filter and explore to find your perfect surf break. Visit them here:

DEC 17th

Ocean 3D

Behind door 17 of ATI2 Advent, we highlighted Ocean 3D! They create interactive 3D tours of all sorts of venues, places and spaces, making them more accessible online. We supported them early on in the project with research, business planning and bid creation. Read the full case study here: and visit them at:

DEC 18th

Bobbi Beck

On the 18th day of our advent calendar, we showcased Bobbi Beck. Based in Redruth, they design and print sustainably made luxury wallpaper. The ATI2 project has been assisting them with process innovation and research into sustainable process methods. Find out all about them here:

DEC 19th

The Kindness of Strangers

Behind our 19th door was The Kindness of Strangers, the creators of an online fundraising platform for charities. We provided support by helping them with the specification of their digital platform and assisted with a grant to contribute towards its development. Visit their website here to find out more:

DEC 20th

Paterson & Cooke

Behind door number 20 of ATI2 Advent was Paterson & Cooke. They developed a digital platform that allows mining companies to optimise their backfill recipes and we supported by providing innovation advice and grant funding towards the development of the new software. Read the full story here:

DEC 21st


On the 21st day of ATI2 Advent we featured Assentech, a leading supplier of equipment, services and technical expertise in the fields of Tank Storage and Process Safety. They developed a mobile test rig that aims to raise industry standards of storage tank breather valves and reduce the number of harmful gases released into the environment. Read the full story here:

DEC 22nd

Cornwall Ferries

Behind door 22 of ATI2 Advent was Cornwall Ferries, who engaged with the project to innovate their processes. As a result, they were able to introduce a ‘smart’ ticketing system with the help of an innovation grant. They also received intensive research, academic and business innovation support through the project. Read the full story here:

DEC 23rd


On day 23 of ATI2 Advent was J-Supplied, experts in customised 3D printing and its end-to-end integration within the manufacturing process. We provided them with research support to explore new markets, and gave them access to our valuable connections. Learn about their full success story here:

DEC 24th

Grinding Solutions

Behind our final day of the ATI2 Advent calendar was Grinding Solutions. They are experts in comminution and separation. We provided the business with additional resources and research support as they explored new markets amidst the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Luckily, the pandemic didn’t largely affect their revenue but the research project resulted in them moving into the electronic waste recycling market. Find out more here:


This completes our showcase of the 24 businesses we wanted to celebrate in the run-up to the festive break.


We hope all our clients, partners and supporters have a Happy Holidays!

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