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It’s Time To Embrace The Digital Transformation

18 March 2022

During the pandemic, businesses and employees needed to embrace change. Whether that was working from home or using online platforms to take orders, we all adopted a digital transformation. Now, as we drift out of the pandemic, it is clear that some of these changes are to stay. Customers and businesses will now need to be thinking through the adoption of new technology, the importance of using data (which can help decision-making), and how unlearning and relearning could become a mantra for a thriving business. 

A recent paper written by Dr. Wai Mun Lim, who is an Associate Professor at Plymouth Business School details how business can move forward through digital transformation. Today, we will be dissecting that paper and talking about how embracing a digital transformation could be a positive for you and your business. 

Now, technology has helped humanity make life easier since the beginning of time, from the invention of the tractor to help plow fields from onboard computers in our cars. Humanity is always thriving to make our lives easier, simpler, and more efficient. Technology has helped us do this. We are now in a process of introducing new technology and thought processes with businesses and technology. This can be a challenge for small businesses as they are less likely to have technology specialists working for them. Meaning that they will have to learn on their own. This can make it more difficult to identify precisely what they want from technology.

Learn, unlearn, and relearn

Learning, unlearning, and relearning is certainly the case for every business undergoing some form of digital transformation. This requires business leaders and employees to disregard some of what they know, to consider what they really want to achieve and where they need to put money and resources. 

Technology can help us, but this does not mean every technology platform or gadget can make a positive impact. 

It is possible to spend time and money not achieving very much. Some businesses throw money at technology without optimising its use. In fact, we all do that on a daily basis. How many of you truly use the full power of your smartphone? 

It’s important to keep this in mind when investing in new technology. Question how it will help you, how it will improve the quality of your customer’s experience? and importantly how long will it take you to learn it? 

The Social Media Conundrum 

The last decade has seen social media explode, in fact, it can be argued that it is now the single most dominating element of our lives today. There is almost no escape from it. So, as a business, it is essential that you are using these platforms, which by now we all know. However, it is unclear how much time you need to dedicate to using these tools. What’s more, is that communication is always evolving on these platforms. It wasn’t long ago that Instagram was a photo-sharing app, it now has countless visual elements. Many businesses will also feel that once they’re on Facebook and Twitter that’s enough, it is not. The amount of platforms is ever-widening, and it is vital you’re on all of them to ensure your message spreads as far and wide as possible. 

You need to clearly think of how each platform will help you. For example, if you’re a boutique furniture store, a visual platform such as Instagram is going to help you create visual aids for your customers. If you’re a news source or blog intensive company then Twitter is going to help you be part of the conversation, or even become the conversation. 

Look at what you offer then look at what the platform offers, do they align? This way you can figure out which one you should commit more time to. 

Adapt, overcome, survive 

The world is moving at a fast pace, especially in business and technology. A business can’t afford to stand still; Business owners have to commit to learning new skills in order to be better able to adapt and keep their business going in challenging conditions. 

If you’re wanting to be successful in 2022 and beyond then it’s time to embrace the digital transformation. You must adopt a learner’s mindset, learning doesn’t finish at College or University. You are forever having to remaster what you know, which is stressful but also exciting. A business can be transformed overnight by adopting the right technology or social media platform. Get out there and explore, spread your wings, but most importantly do your research!

Article based on information from the Plymouth Business School.

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