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Your Business Plan Innovation

26 April 2022

Your Business Plan Innovation

Mentioning the words business and plan together will often solicit various responses; from an immediate switch-off to half-hearted interest. Or from an open and free exchange of ideas to the possibilities of embedding and making them reality. If you speak to one of the ATI2 Business Innovation Advisors they will likely ask to see your business plan and help develop an innovation strategy for you. How do you embed innovation in a business plan? It may already be in there!

Innovation is often overlooked and many innovative SMEs do it without realising! Clever systems, processes and product development are undertaken as a matter of course and form part of the day-to-day operations without thinking anything unusual or extraordinary is taking place. If you think you might be doing this, we want to hear from you.

Cornwall Innovation Club

Many of Cornwall’s SMEs are doing brilliantly innovative things like designing cutting-edge renewable energy sources or developing components for the health-tech sector. The Cornwall Innovation Club brings these businesses together for peer-to-peer engagement, dialogue and shared experience. This is a great way to engage with your innovation and meet likeminded businesses. It can also provide you with the steer and influence to develop your product, process or service further. You can find out about upcoming Cornwall Innovation Club events here:

Pivoting your plan

Like all things in business there is a cost benefit analysis that must be undertaken, which like business planning is often not as daunting as it would first appear. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the many changes that have taken place across the economic spectrum, the word ‘pivot’ was used to describe businesses who had adopted innovative ways of working remotely. Adjusting their operational parameters to comply with restrictions, but also embed safe working procedures. This necessitated an innovative approach, but without the time to consider it as such. To adlib a proverb slightly: necessity is the mother of innovation.


In building back better, businesses are exploring how some of these positive innovations such as remote working technologies, efficiency making practices and product solutions can be retained. Here at ATI2, we aim to support and guide businesses to do just that. Businesses can access fully-funded dedicated support and explore the many options and opportunities available to drive your innovation and your business forward.


Still unsure about innovation as part of your business plan? Cornwall’s businesses are at the forefront of many of the UK’s chief economic sectors, get in touch to see how we can accelerate your business further:


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