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Aegis Veterinary Technology (ATI2)

Aegis Veterinary Technology was founded in 2020 as a startup by vets who wanted to solve a problem they often saw in Equine ambulatory care. The process was outdated and relied too much on manual communication which often led to delays in providing care and basic admin being overlooked. Aegis saw the opportunity for a technological solution and began work to bring that solution to market.

Aegis Vets was founded by vets who have first-hand experience of the problem their company aims to solve. They identified an issue in the Equine ambulatory sector in which vets, clients and receptionists still relied on manual communication, written directions and postcode navigation to provide care. This often resulted in poor visibility of when the vet is expected to arrive and basic admin being overlooked leading to frustrations and loss of business.

The solution? Enter ArriVet. A cross-platform mobile & desktop application which integrates existing vet management software, GPS and CRM functionality. This removes much of the confusion and admin for vets so they can focus on providing care while improving communication between the vets, clients and practices.

ArriVet connects vets, clients and practices more closely together for smoother and more efficient animal care

With nothing else like this on the market Aegis Vets knew they had the beginnings of a useful product but they also knew they had to move quickly to stake their claim before others turned their attention to the same problem.

They were introduced to Acceleration For Innovation 2 while scoping the business support and funding landscape in Cornwall.

After some initial conversations and meetings ATI2 took on Aegis Vets as a client and helped them with market research, surveys and IP protection before deciding to award a £20,000 grant for product development of the ArriVet app.

Our feedback on the product is very much in line with the market research we did with you, so that research has proved invaluable” says Iain Brunt – Director at Aegis Vets.

Without the support of ATI2 we would be in a much earlier stage of the business, it has accelerated us 1-2 years ahead of what we could achieve on our own” he added.

Current veterinary practices are well used to using their own vet management software so it was important for Aegis Vets to build a flexible solution that could plug-in to existing software, removing the need for staff retraining or the transferring of data.

ATI2 introduced Aegis Vets to Buzz Interactive, a Newquay based software company, to carry out the building and delivering of the ArriVet software solution.

With the software now already in use across 20 UK practices the future is looking bright for Aegis Vets as they look to expand in domestic and international markets.

We will shortly be announcing an equity raise we have completed with help from the CIOSIF. We wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without the initial support of the ATI2 programme” Iain explained.