Innovation studio


J-Supplied are experts in customised 3D printing and the end-to-end integration of 3D printing within the manufacturing process. They sell additive manufacturing products, such as 3D printers and scanners, and provide 3D printing and reverse engineering services, as well as offer additive manufacturing advice, guidance and training courses to enable businesses to utilise 3D printing.


The business was initially referred to ATI2 by Marine-I, another business support provider in Cornwall, who recognised they would benefit from the in-depth research services available via the ATI2 programme and the University of Plymouth.

ATI2 ran an initial strategy session to define the research into new markets and it was decided that the project would explore opportunities for large-scale additive manufacturing and its application within the automotive, aerospace and construction sectors.

Their Business Innovation Advisor also researched the local industrial strategy alignment and produced a report on horizon scanning into the architectural market for 3D manufacturing.

“Off the back of the research of the architectural side of additive manufacturing, what we were able to gleam is there was a real gap in the market, especially in the UK, and as a company and as a group we are going to be moving into the construction sector with additive manufacturing and using robots as a base for that”, says Martin Jewell, Managing Director at J Supplied.

What’s more, ATI2 was able to introduce J-Supplied to numerous contacts within the South West and further afield, such as 3F Studios in Munich, where we arranged and chaired an explorative meeting and follow-up.

“ATI2 have been very supportive with opening doors and helping us start conversations with companies and individuals that we wouldn’t have been able to do beforehand. As a consequence of that, we are now fully committed to starting a new branch of the business, with the sole goal of using the R&D projects which were sparked by ATI2 to turn them into commercial, viable businesses for us”, adds Martin.


To help the business explore the finance needed to pursue growth, ATI2 also hosted a joint session with CIOSIF, which Martin said was “extremely useful”.

“It gave us the opportunity to understand what’s out there. As a young business and a young business person, to have the knowledge of those agencies is extremely useful”, he adds.

To conclude the research and innovation project, ATI2 held a final project meeting in which we worked with J-Supplied to outline a clear roadmap for new innovation moving forwards.

“The company now has a renewed vision on the strategic direction of the business and how we can positively impact our local environment, in terms of using sustainable materials and in terms of using additive manufacturing in ways that have only ever been thought of before”, explains Martin.

J-Supplied is now moving into a group of businesses that have a sole focus on research and development. This will allow them to put more resources and energy into the commercialisation of some of the innovative projects identified by the research undertaken.

“I would most certainly recommend ATI2 to any businesses that want to support innovation, due to the fact that they are extremely supportive and that environment enables the best ideas to be formed”, says Martin.