Innovation studio

NSN Electrical (ATI2)

NSN Electrical Ltd are an electrical contractor firm that provide a range of services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients. The business has also become the leading installer of EV charging points across the South West. They focus on offering quality installations tailored to meet the individual requirements of each client. Part of their offer is to complete all of the necessary paperwork on behalf of clients wanting to apply for the government OLEV grant.  The EV part of the company is rapidly growing and key partnerships with charging companies is proving to be imperative.  NSN also work with EcoDrive, leaders in EV tech in Cornwall.

What’s the innovation?

Director, Joss Sullivan-Norcliffe was looking for a professional outside view of the company who could advise on ways in which the business could improve efficiency, simplify tasks and improve business processes.   In turn moving from a small to a medium sized business.  Joss had become the person that staff turned to for answers on the day to day running of the company.  A key challenge in growing a company is when the founder can no longer be involved with every aspect and every decision within the business.  He wanted ATI’s experience to identify suitable processes that would enable anyone joining the company to be able to pick up easily and for existing staff to have greater autonomy over their work.

Once engaging with ATI, Joss worked closely with Business Innovation Advisor, Chris Hassall on a number of different areas.  The key was working with a consultant in understanding the business, looking at what needed improving and where efficiencies could be made.

What have they achieved so far?

Joss reports that the company has already experienced some small efficiency rises in that their engineers have their own visible schedule so are taking more responsibility for their own working day. Workloads are shifting to becoming more cloud-based.

Reducing the paperwork has led to a more efficient service where all members of the NSN team are able to access assigned jobs, job details and timelines, ultimately meaning that aspects of a job are unlikely to be missed through misplaced pieces of paper.

For Joss, this has meant that he is able to concentrate his efforts on growing the business and improving customer service now that he has the headspace and importantly more time away from  the minutiae of taking calls, providing job quotations and writing specifications which can now all be done more quickly.  Ultimately Joss aims to empower his employees and help them to grow their roles. Encouraging ambition within employees should lead to improved staff retention and increased productivity.