Innovation studio

Our Only World

Our Only World is a Cornish-based charity on a mission to help restore ocean biodiversity with their SeAlive Tiles and reduce single-use plastics through the installation of their water refill stations, the Aqua Tap!

Image above: Tina and Mark Robinson from Our Only World exhibiting their water refill station and SeAlive Tiles at ATI2’s Celebrating Innovation event.

The ATI2 project has focused its innovation support on the water refill station side of its operation, where we have been able to provide strategy sessions with their Business Innovation Advisor, Rachel Roach, and ATI2’s Innovation Research Champion. These meetings looked at identifying key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as conducting a competitor analysis to assist with future business planning.

“ATI were genuinely interested in my project and was consistently available to help us to reach our goals. For 18 months we worked together to work through any problems and Rachel and I met online and in person when covid regulations allowed. It is difficult for small organisations to have access to professional help in the innovation field and we couldn’t have completed our project without ATI. They are now helping us to spread our message and establish a new customer base”Tina Robinson, Founder of Our Only World

Image above: Tina Robinson (left), Founder of Our Only World, with her Business Innovation Advisor, Rachel Roach (right)

In addition to the innovation support, Our Only World was also introduced to a number of local suppliers, product designers and manufacturers from within our network in Cornwall, to assist with product development. Their beautiful dolphin water refill station design boasts being partly made from recycled fishing nets collected, recycled and repurposed by another of ATI’s clients, Odyssey Innovation, and the remainder of the Aqua Tap is engineered and manufactured here in Cornwall.

One of the vital areas of support provided has been surrounding Intellectual Property (IP), whereby ATI2 were able to introduce the business to David Mozely, Intellectual Property Manager at the University of Plymouth. David was able to provide specialist IP advice and guidance, and the ATI2 programme was then able to offer consultancy via our partners at Bryers Law, who sought to help them navigate the complexities of new patents and design.

Image below: Mark Robinson from Our Only World talking about their water refill station and SeAlive Tiles at ATI2’s Celebrating Innovation event.